UW expert on the rise and risks of artificial sweeteners

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The rise of non-sugar sweeteners (NSS) have made it easier for conscious consumers to reduce their sugar intake, but these products may present their own health risks. In an article published Jan. 22 in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, Dr. James Krieger, a UW clinical professor of health systems and population health and executive director of Healthy Food America, and a team of co-authors argue for better and more comprehensive data on the proliferation and possible health effects of non-sugar sweeteners. They also call for reducing children’s exposure to NSS by restricting their use in kids’ food and beverages.

“The growing presence of (non-sugar sweeteners) in the food supply, combined with mounting concerns about their use… suggest that caution in adding them to foods and beverages is needed,” Krieger and his colleagues wrote. 

UW News’ Alden Woods sat down with Krieger to discuss what we know — and what we need to know — about these ever-present products. 

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