Stankovic combines passions for music and public health in her research

“I believe music transports you to another world and reaches parts of the brain other things can’t…It’s definitely something that can have amazing results. We don’t quite know why yet because our brain is just so complicated and amazing,” Stankovic said.

  • Aditi Ekbote

    Bridging the divide between health care and technology

    Aditi Ekbote is dedicated to leveraging technology to make health care equitable, efficient, and of the highest quality. “A lot of times, the people who are trying to solve the issue of data breaches within health care are coming at it with a very technical approach, when the reality is that [often] breaches happen when…


  • Reducing barriers to medications for opioid use disorder

    Through the SUPPORT Center, researchers partnered with clinical leaders to increase opioid-related safety by assisting VA primary caregivers to identify and treat opioid use disorder.


  • Man walking in tall grass

    New research shows long-lasting effectiveness of physical activity programs in rural areas

    Research shows the myriad health benefits of physical activity, from preventing cardiovascular disease and Type II diabetes to lowering overall mortality. Replacing even 30 minutes of sedentary activity a day with physical activity has measurable benefits. Worryingly few Americans, however, meet federal physical activity guidelines, especially in rural areas. 


HSEED Award and Student Funding

The Health Systems Excellence, Equity, and Distinction (HSEED) Award honors students and helps increase diversity in the field of public health. The HSEED Award is presented annually to students in our degree programs.