Compassion, efficiency and ‘just going for it’

“I aspire to sit back as a researcher and observe how leaders lead and identify the places in which there is opportunity. I think the most important thing is trusting that the leaders of education programs and centers have institutional knowledge and know what they’re doing.”

Dr. Megha Ramaswamy, PhD, MPH, to assume the role of chair of Health Systems and Population Health (HSPop).

  • Mayra Muratalla Muñoz

    Mayra Muratalla Muñoz receives Latinx Scholars Fellowship for advocacy work in Latinx communities

    Online Master of Public Health (MPH) student Mayra Muratalla Muñoz has received the Latinx Scholars Graduate School Fellowship for her engagement with Latinx communities.


  • Connecting academia and community en route to public health

    “I am from community. I am part of community. I value community-oriented work and I am going to continue along this route. I strongly believe that the only way to do public health is to connect academia and community.”


  • Shanise Owens

    Championing health equity at home, school, and within communities

    When PhD student Shanise Owens was little, her mother would say to her, “If you don’t do it at home first, then how can I trust that you will do it in public?” Owens believes championing health equity in our communities starts with prioritizing EDI work within the School.


HSEED Award and Student Funding

The Health Systems Excellence, Equity, and Distinction (HSEED) Award honors students and helps increase diversity in the field of public health. The HSEED Award is presented annually to students in our degree programs.