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The UW Master of Health Informatics and Health Information Management (MHIHIM) program held its capstone project presentations recently, demonstrating innovative solutions to real-world problems for program faculty and leadership as well as representatives and capstone organization preceptors from our partner organizations. 

“Capstone projects are the culmination of the students’ learning in the Master of Health Informatics and Health Information Management program,” said Dr. Karima Lalani, assistant teaching professor and program director of the graduate and undergraduate programs in health informatics and health information management. “The capstone project allows them to distill and apply the knowledge and skills they have learned in the program to a wide array of real-life HIHIM problems, and to work closely with preceptors at healthcare organizations, or related community organizations. We are grateful to our community partners for their continued support of our program.” 

During a break in the presentations, attendees participated in an End of Program Celebration to reflect on accomplishments, knowledge and experience gained during the program. MHIHIM students complete the 18-month program at the end of winter quarter. 

The capstone project is the culminating project of the MHIHIM program, completed in the second year of studies. Students apply the technical and management skills and industry knowledge gained in the program to real-life health informatics and health information management problems at our partner health care and related organizations in the community. 

“Every year our cohorts demonstrate the breadth and depth of their knowledge regarding health informatics and the application of health information management, and this year was no different,” said capstone faculty advisor Carolin Spice. “Because our students come from all walks of life, they contribute greatly to the growth of this field. From helping the Foundation for Healthcare Quality visualize the tsunami of survey data to identifying financial opportunities for UW Medical Center’s Information Governance Department, our capstones this year continue to impact healthcare for the benefit of providers and patients.” 

The event was held at GIX in Bellevue, where in-person classes are held throughout the program. MHIHIM courses are taught in a flexible hybrid (HyFlex) format, where students can attend online or in-person while learning from the same instructor at the same time.

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