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We hope UW Master of Health Administration (MHA) applicants are able to find answers to their questions here. Frequently asked questions are organized by topics.


Admission application deadlines and details can be found on the MHA admissions page.

How many students do you admit?

On average, we admit 30 students per cohort.

How do I make my application more competitive?

Our most competitive candidates have a balanced, well-rounded application. We have a holistic review process, which means that everything is considered equally. You will not be admitted or denied based on a single component. We encourage students to make their application as strong as possible in all areas.

How much professional experience do applicants usually have?

One year of full-time, professional work experience after college is preferred. Ideally, this experience is in a health care setting — an entry-level job is fine. Any professional experience is helpful. On average, our students have three years of professional experience when they start the program.

What if my GPA is below 3.0?

The UW Graduate School strongly advises applicants have at least a 3.0 GPA in their last 60 graded semester credits or 90 graded quarter credits (usually the last two years of study). But admissions decisions are ultimately up to the discretion of the MHA admissions committee. If you have questions or concerns about your GPA, please contact us (

My recommenders haven’t submitted their letters. What should I do?

Make sure that you entered the email address of each recommender in your application. This step sends them a prompt and a link to submit their letter. If you’ve done this and they haven’t submitted their letter yet, reach out with a gentle reminder.

What if I don’t get invited for an interview?

That’s OK! Interviews are for our most competitive candidates. But it doesn’t mean that those who are interviewed are automatically admitted or those who were not are automatically declined.

Is it possible to defer my admission to a future term?

Yes, you may defer to the next academic year. Email us ( if you wish to defer your enrollment.

Can I enroll in classes without being admitted to the MHA program?

No, you must be an admitted MHA student to take classes, because of the cohort model of the program.

Can I combine the MHA with another degree?

Yes. We do offer a limited number of official concurrent degrees — M.D., MBA, or MPA. For these degrees, the MHA program has a formal agreement with the other program on how a student will complete both programs. Each concurrent degree is a little different.

If you’re interested in a program that is not part of an official concurrent degree, you’ll need to figure out on your own how to complete both programs and meet all of the requirements. We do not recommend pursuing two degrees outside of an official concurrent degree because often it is difficult to meet all of the requirements.

Concurrent Degrees


For information on visiting us or sitting in on a class, view the MHA contact page.

Program Information

More detailed information about the MHA program is in the program experience section of our website.

Are there any prerequisite classes or recommended classes?

No, there are not prerequisite classes or recommended classes. The only educational requirement is your bachelor’s degree, and it can be in any content area. If you don’t have a business background and you have time to take a class, it may be helpful to take a class in accounting, economics and/or Excel to prepare for the program’s business focus.

Can I work while enrolled in the MHA program?

We understand that everyone’s financial circumstances are different and that some students must work in order to pay for their education. If you need to work, keep in mind the rigor of the program, especially the first year. We don’t recommend working full-time. Many students have successfully worked part time.

Cost and Financial Support

Please find costs and financial support information on the MHA cost and aid page.

International and Undocumented Applicants

We welcome applications from international and/or undocumented applicants. Learn more about the details and requirements on the UW Department of Health Systems and Population Health (HSPop) website.