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We understand the challenges of paying for and funding higher education goals, and we work with current and prospective students to be transparent and connect them to the assistance they need. To identify the best sources of financial support, we encourage potential and current students to review the information below.


The UW Health Services Ph.D. tuition rates are set each year by the UW School of Public Health within guidelines approved by the Washington state legislature.

Tuition Rates

Financial Aid and Funding

Our program, department, school, and university provide various funding options for students. Health Services Ph.D. students are typically supported by a combination of training grants, research assistant (RA) positions, teaching assistant (TA) positions, fellowships, dissertation grants, student loans, and/or outside employment. After students are admitted, we work with them to identify opportunities.

Scholarships for Health Services Ph.D. Applicants

Health Services Ph.D. applicants are eligible for the following scholarships:

Resources for International and/or Undocumented Students

We welcome international and/or undocumented applicants. Review our program admissions eligibility criteria and learn more about available financial options on our department’s student resources page.

Employment Outside UW

Local health organizations and businesses also employ doctoral students. Position announcements are often forwarded to student email lists, but it is worthwhile to research opportunities at these organizations directly.

Additional Student Resources

The UW Department of Health Systems and Population Health (HSPop) has a list of financial support and student resources, including student services such as counseling, housing, and/or child care, among others.

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