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Many of the UW Health Services Ph.D. alumni from our program continue research after graduation.

Below are select publications from our Ph.D. alumni.

Student Publications

Alumni Involved Publications

Below are select publications involving UW Health Services Ph.D. alumni organized by year of the publication.


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Addressing Medical and Social Needs to Reduce Unnecessary Health Care Utilization and Costs: A Qualitative Study
Liss DT, Guzman A, Walsh EE, Shaunfield S, Brown T.
J Ambul Care Manage (July-September 2022) PMID: 35612392

Patient-centered primary care and receipt of evidence-based alcohol-related care in the national Veterans Health Administration
Edmonds AT, Rhew IC, Jones-Smith J, Chan KCG, Nelson K, Williams EC.
J Subst Abuse Treat (July 2022) PMID: 35277305

A qualitative study to understand the experience of somatostatin analog treatments from the perspective of patients with neuroendocrine tumors.
Seo C, Horodniceanu E, Shah R, Goldstein G, Ray D, Bennett B, Phan A, McCarrier K.
Support Care Cancer (July 2022) PMID: 35476113

Patient perspectives on symptoms, health-related quality of life, and treatment experience associated with relapsed/refractory multiple myeloma
Nathwani N, Bell J, Cherepanov D, Sowell FG, Shah R, McCarrier K, Hari P.
Support Care Cancer (July 2022) PMID: 35364733

Optimizing the Impact of Pragmatic Clinical Trials for Veteran and Military Populations: Lessons From the Pain Management Collaboratory
Ali J, Antonelli M, Bastian L, Becker W, Brandt CA, Burgess DJ, Burns A, Cohen SP, Davis AF, Dearth CL, Dziura J, Edwards R, Erdos J, Farrokhi S, Fritz J, Geda M, George SZ, Goertz C, Goodie J, Hastings SN, Heapy A, Ilfeld BM, Katsovich L, Kerns RD, Kyriakides TC, Lee A, Long CR, Luther SL, Martino S, Matheny ME, McGeary D, Midboe A, Pasquina P, Peduzzi P, Raffanello M, Rhon D, Rosen M, Esposito ER, Scarton D, Hastings SN, Seal K, Silliker N, Taylor S, Taylor SL, Tsui M, Wright FS, Zeliadt S.
Mil Med (July 2022) PMID: 34791412

Effect of Electronic Symptom Monitoring on Patient-Reported Outcomes Among Patients With Metastatic Cancer: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Basch E, Schrag D, Henson S, Jansen J, Ginos B, Stover AM, Carr P, Spears PA, Jonsson M, Deal AM, Bennett AV, Thanarajasingam G, Rogak LJ, Reeve BB, Snyder C, Bruner D, Cella D, Kottschade LA, Perlmutter J, Geoghegan C, Samuel-Ryals CA, Given B, Mazza GL, Miller R, Strasser JF, Zylla DM, Weiss A, Blinder VS, Dueck AC.
JAMA (June 2022) PMID: 35661856

Differential underestimation of work-related reinjury risk for older workers: Challenges to producing accurate rate estimates
Sears JM, Fulton-Kehoe D, Hogg-Johnson S.
Am J Ind Med (June 2022) PMID: 35665525

Performance of a rule-based semi-automated method to optimize chart abstraction for surveillance imaging among patients treated for non-small cell lung cancer
Byrd C, Ajawara U, Laundry R, Radin J, Bhandari P, Leung A, Han S, Asch SM, Zeliadt S, Harris AHS, Backhus L.
BMC Med Inform Decis Mak (June 2022) PMID: 35659230

Disparities in post-operative surveillance testing for metastatic recurrence among colorectal cancer survivors
Sanchez JI, Shankaran V, Unger JM, Madeleine MM, Espinoza N, Thompson B.
J Cancer Surviv (June 2022) PMID: 34031803

Global Public Health Workers and Academics Must Step Up Response to War
Hagopian A, Jabbour S.
Am J Public Health (June 2022) PMID: 35613425

Accounting for Delayed Entry in Analyses of Overall Survival in Clinico-Genomic Databases
Backenroth D, Snider J, Shen R, Seshan V, Castellanos E, McCusker M, Feuchtbaum D, Gönen M, Sarkar S.
Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev (June 2022) PMID: 35027431

“We need to bring them out from the shadows:” A qualitative study of safety net physician leaders’ perspectives on caregivers
Semere W, Cemballi AG, Schillinger D, Casillas A, Lemberg M, Lyles CR.
Patient Educ Couns (June 2022) PMID: 34756473

Impact of a statewide Emergency Department Information Exchange on health care use and expenditures
Sabbatini AK, McConnell KJ, Parrish C, Frogner BK, Reddy A, Zatzick DF, Kreuter W, Basu A.
Health Serv Res (June 2022) PMID: 35235203

Help-Seeking Patterns and Barriers to Care Among Latino Immigrant Men with Unhealthy Alcohol Use
Carey CM, Williams EC, Torres VN, Ornelas IJ.
J Racial Ethn Health Disparities (June 2022) PMID: 33834422

Association Between Exposure to Complementary and Integrative Therapies and Opioid Analgesic Daily Dose Among Patients on Long-term Opioid Therapy
Black AC, Zeliadt SB, Kerns RD, Skanderson M, Wang R, Gelman H, Douglas JH, Becker WC.
Clin J Pain (June 2022) PMID: 35440528

From patient outcomes to system change: Evaluating the impact of VHA’s implementation of the Whole Health System of Care
Bokhour BG, Hyde J, Kligler B, Gelman H, Gaj L, Barker AM, Douglas J, DeFaccio R, Taylor SL, Zeliadt SB.
Health Serv Res (June 2022) PMID: 35243621

Efficacy of long-acting injectable versus oral antipsychotic drugs in early psychosis: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Lian L, Kim DD, Procyshyn RM, Fredrikson DH, Cázares D, Honer WG, Barr AM.
Early Interv Psychiatry (June 2022) PMID: 34263540

Discrimination, acculturative stress, alcohol use and their associations with alcohol-related consequences among Latino immigrant men
Torres VN, Williams EC, Ceballos RM, Donovan DM, Ornelas IJ.
J Ethn Subst Abuse (May 2022) PMID: 35634786

Reduced implementation and completion of average-risk annual FIT colorectal cancer screening in Black patients aged 45-49 years
Coronado GD, Dickerson JF, Burnett-Hartman AN, Carethers JM, Lee J, McBurnie MA; Consortium for Early Onset Colorectal Cancer.
Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol (May 2022) PMID: 35644342

Reach and effectiveness of the NCI Cancer Moonshot-funded Cancer Center Cessation Initiative
D’Angelo H, Hohl SD, Rolland B, Adsit RT, Pauk D, Fiore MC, Baker TB.
Transl Behav Med (May 2022) PMID: 35195268

Design Considerations for the Use of Patient-Generated Health Data in the Electronic Medical Records
Blondon K, Ehrler F.
Stud Health Technol Inform (May 2022) PMID: 35612062

The Association Between Habitual Sleep Duration and Blood Pressure Control in United States (US) Adults with Hypertension
Ogugu EG, Catz SL, Bell JF, Drake C, Bidwell JT, Gangwisch JE.
Integr Blood Press Control (May 2022) PMID: 35642173

Integrating Routine Screening for Opioid Use Disorder into Primary Care Settings: Experiences from a National Cohort of Clinics
Austin EJ, Briggs ES, Ferro L, Barry P, Heald A, Curran GM, Saxon AJ, Fortney J, Ratzliff AD, Williams EC.
J Gen Intern Med (May 2022) PMID: 35614169

Effectiveness and Harms of Contraceptive Counseling and Provision Interventions for Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Nelson HD, Cantor A, Jungbauer RM, Eden KB, Darney B, Ahrens K, Burgess A, Atchison C, Goueth R, Fu R.
Ann Intern Med (May 2022) PMID: 35605239

Neighborhood Contexts and Alcohol Use Disorder Among Mexican Americans Living in the US-Mexico Border Region
Karriker-Jaffe KJ, Li L, Cherpitel CJ, Bensley KMK, Zemore SE.
Alcohol Alcohol (May 2022) PMID: 35596957

Impact of a Resilience and Wellbeing Program: a longitudinal cohort study of student dietitians
Ross LJ, Mitchell LJ, Williams EC, Lynch PJ, Munro JP, Williams LT.
Nurs Health Sci (May 2022) PMID: 35596538

Evaluating Uptake of Evidence-Based Interventions in 355 Clinics Partnering With the Colorectal Cancer Control Program, 2015-2018
Maxwell AE, DeGroff A, Hohl SD, Sharma KP, Sun J, Escoffery C, Hannon PA.
Prev Chronic Dis (May 2022) PMID: 35588522

Navigating financial toxicity in patients with cancer: A multidisciplinary management approach
Smith GL, Banegas MP, Acquati C, Chang S, Chino F, Conti RM, Greenup RA, Kroll JL, Liang MI, Pisu M, Primm KM, Roth ME, Shankaran V, Yabroff KR.
CA Cancer J Clin (May 2022) PMID: 35584404

Behavioral Health Integration in Community Health Centers and Emergency Department Use
Sabbatini AK, Hoeft TJ, Duber HC, Kern E, Sylling PW, Desrosiers A, McKee MB, Hernandez SE.
Psychiatr Serv (May 2022) PMID: 35578806

Development and Validation of an Electronic Trigger to Monitor Follow-up for Moderately Elevated, Outpatient Serum Potassium Levels
Hagan S, Wheat C, Laundry R, Deeds S, Singh H, Nelson K, Reddy A.
J Gen Intern Med (May 2022) PMID: 35581447

Individual and program Characteristics May Drive Variability in Outcomes After Caregivers Participate in a Tailored Support Intervention
Shepherd-Banigan M, Jones KA, Sullivan C, Wang K, Clark AG, Van Houtven C, Olsen JM.
J Appl Gerontol (May 2022) PMID: 35575158

Lifetime medical costs attributable to sickle cell disease among nonelderly individuals with commercial insurance
Johnson KM, Jiao B, Ramsey SD, Bender MA, Devine B, Basu A.
Blood Adv (May 2022) PMID: 35575558

The Cancer Financial Experience (CAFÉ) study: randomized controlled trial of a financial navigation intervention to address cancer-related financial hardship
Henrikson NB, Anderson ML, Dickerson J, Ewing JJ, Garcia R, Keast E, King DA, Lewis C, Locher B, McMullen C, Norris CM, Petrik AF, Ramaprasan A, Rivelli JS, Schneider JL, Shulman L, Tuzzio L, Banegas MP.
Trials (May 2022) PMID: 35562781

Patient-Reported Bothersome Symptoms Attributed to Alcohol Use Among People With and Without HIV
Gordon KS, Becker WC, Bryant KJ, Crystal S, Maisto SA, Marshall BDL, McInnes DK, Satre DD, Williams EC, Edelman EJ, Justice AC.
AIDS Behav (May 2022) PMID: 35553287

Development of a Field Guide for Assessing Readiness to Implement Evidence-Based Cancer Screening Interventions in Primary Care Clinics
Hohl SD, Melillo S, Vu TT, Escoffery C, DeGroff A, Schlueter D, Ross LW, Maxwell AE, Sharma KP, Boehm J, Joseph D, Hannon PA.
Prev Chronic Dis (May 2022) PMID: 35550244

Is the Hospital Value-Based Purchasing Program Associated with Reduced Hospital Readmissions?
Beauvais B, Whitaker Z, Kim F, Anderson B.
J Multidiscip Healthc (May 2022) PMID: 35592815

Caregiver perspectives on the everyday medical and social needs of long-term pediatric liver transplant patients
Wadhwani S, Barrera AG, Shifman H, Baker E, Bucuvalas J, Gottlieb L, Kotagal U, Rhee S, Lai J, Lyles C.
Liver Transpl (May 2022) PMID: 35524767

Increased Lengths of Stay, ICU, and Ventilator Days in Trauma Patients with Asymptomatic COVID-19 Infection
Klutts GN, Squires A, Bowman SM, Bhavaraju A, Kalkwarf KJ.
Am Surg (April 2022) PMID: 35416700

Financial toxicity impact on younger versus older adults with cancer in the setting of care delivery
Corrigan KL, Fu S, Chen YS, Kaiser K, Roth M, Peterson SK, Shih YT, Jagsi R, Giordano SH, Volk RJ, Yabroff KR, Banegas MP, Acquati C, Conti RM, Ma HY, Ku K, You YN, Smith GL.
Cancer (April 2022) PMID: 35417565

Evaluation of Seattle’s sweetened beverage tax on tax support and perceived economic and health impacts
Oddo VM, Knox MA, Pinero Walkinshaw L, Saelens BE, Chan N, Jones-Smith JC.
Prev Med Rep (April 2022) PMID: 35656219

Locating Autonomous Abortion Accompanied by Feminist Activists in the Spectrum of Self-Managed Medication Abortion
Veldhuis S, Sánchez-Ramírez G, Darney BG.
Stud Fam Plann (March 2022) PMID: 35347718

The impact of military sexual trauma and gender on receipt of evidence-based medication treatment among veterans with opioid use disorder
Beckman KL, Williams EC, Hebert P, Hawkins EJ, Littman AJ, Lehavot K.
J Subst Abuse Treat (March 2022) PMID: 35317959

The Situated Information, Motivation, and Behavioral Skills Model of HIV Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence Among Persons Living With HIV in Haiti: A Qualitative Study Incorporating Culture and Context
Puttkammer N, Emmanuel Demes JA, Dervis W, Chéry JM, Elusdort J, Haight E, Balan JG, Simoni JM.
J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care (March 2022) PMID: 35239563

Social Support and Linkage to HIV Care Following Routine HIV Testing in a Ugandan Refugee Settlement
Parrish C, Nelson E, Faustin Z, Stern J, Kasozi J, Klabbers R, Masereka S, Tsai AC, Bassett IV, O’Laughlin KN.
AIDS Behav (February 2022) PMID: 35175438

Tailoring Pain Interference Measurement in People with Cancer: A Feasibility Study
Jones SMW, Unger JM.
J Pain Symptom Manage (February 2022) PMID: 35235855


The incidence of and risk factors for hospitalized acute kidney injury among people living with HIV on antiretroviral treatment
Muiru AN, Madden E, Chilingirian A, Rubinsky AD, Scherzer R, Moore R, Villalobos CPC, Monroy Trujillo JM, Parikh CR, Hsu CY, Shlipak MG, Estrella MM.
HIV Med (December 2021) PMID: 34897925

Health Service Utilization Among Children and Adolescents with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Case-Control Study
Goger P, Zerr AA, Weersing VR, Dickerson JF, Crawford PM, Sterling SA, Waitzfelder B, Daida YG, Ahmedani BK, Penfold RB, Lynch FL.
J Dev Behav Pediatr (November 2021) PMID: 34817448

The Earned Income Tax Credit and Intimate Partner Violence
Edmonds AT, Moe CA, Adhia A, Mooney SJ, Rivara FP, Hill HD, Rowhani-Rahbar A.
J Interpers Violence (March 2021) PMID: 33703934