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UW Health Systems and Population Health Master of Science (HSPop M.S.) alumni are leaders in academia, government agencies, and the private sector. Several alumni have pursued a UW Health Services Doctorate (Ph.D.) or advanced study in a related field.

Our Program’s Career Services

We offer a variety of services and resources to support our students and recent alumni with their job searches.

Alumni Database

We have a strong network of more than 80 alumni, and we maintain a database (updated annually) with alumni contact and employment information. Our staff can query this database by title, organization, and location, and share contact info with students for those alumni who have elected to network and support future public health professionals. So, for example, if a student lets us know they are looking for a job in Boston, or trying to get a position at Kaiser, or seeking nutrition-related work, we can help them connect to the relevant alumni.

Alumni Email List

After graduation, we sign alumni up for our alumni email list, which we use to share information about jobs, upcoming events, and more.

LinkedIn Group

Being a member of our private LinkedIn group allows students to direct-message other members, even if they are not connected to them on LinkedIn, potentially facilitating networking and job-seeking.

Faculty Advising

Our faculty advisors are available for meetings to discuss students’ career paths and opportunities.

UW Career Services

Our students and alumni also benefit from resources provided by the UW School of Public Health, UW Career Center, including its events and access to the free, online job system known as Handshake, and the UW Alumni Association.