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Leading the Change for Healthier Communities

2 Years / Full Time / Seattle, WA

The University of Washington Test Program prepares you to become a problem solver, leader, and advocate in the field of community health.

The program is offered by the UW Department of Health Systems and Population Health (HSPop) housed in the UW School of Public Health and administered in partnership with the UW Continuum College.

Take an Active Learning Role

Our problem-based learning approach cultivates a student’s ability to identify key public health issues, deconstruct problems via intersectoral collaboration, and present solutions clearly and persuasively to different audiences.

Improve Community Health

Learn the skills and competencies to be successful in assessing population health needs, addressing social structures that create health disparities, and working with communities to implement successful public health programs.

Gain Real-World Experience

Develop effective skills in the field of public health during your practicum, and apply advanced public health competencies during a capstone project.

Promote Health Justice

Commit to collaborating with communities to undo structural inequities and improve health justice at the community, organizational, and systemic levels.

Application Dates

Application Opens
September 1, 2023

General Deadline
January 15, 2024

Information Sessions

Prospective students can register for and attend an information session to learn more about the program.

Alumni Connections

Alumni can stay connected, learn about what their peers are doing, and support future public health professionals, , including serving as practicum and capstone supervisors to students.

Support Students

Make a difference for students by giving to the Sigolène Ortega Fund for Social Justice in Public Health. Support future public health leaders today!